Penis/hand hygiene

Posted by sos922 @sos922, Sep 12 2:40pm

Every time I sit down, I'm sitting on my penis. It's aggravating and hurts. I reach into my pants and pull it up to be unencumbered again. My wife thinks I should wash my hands when I do that. I have good hygiene, and I rarely sweat, even in sports. Of course, I wash when I urinate, but what is the reasoning as to why touching my covered privates warrants repeated daily washing, when touching my exposed arm or hand does not?

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Hello @sos922, Welcome to Connect. I know what my answer would be if it was my wife asking me, but then I've had 57 years to learn those two magic words… yes, dear. 🙃 I can see your point. Have you tried getting some comfortable men's briefs that hold the penis in place?


Thanks for the thought John, yes I've tried some bun-huggers, but most of the time that keeps it facing down. When I'm wearing shorts and the free-flying loose boxers, sometimes the descent gives some upward momentum and good positioning.


My main question is: Is touching my COVERED penis so bacteria-laden, that it warrants washing each time, versus touching my EXPOSED arm or leg?


I guess it depends where your hand or penis was last.

I tend to agree with John, listen to your wife and move on, or suffer the consequences. My standard advice to newly wed men, do as your wife says or be miserable and eventually have to capitulate anyway, so why put yourself through all that pain. Maybe this topic should be in mental health forum.

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