Past Discussion: test to determine cause of Small Fiber Neuropathy

Posted by lakemom394 @lakemom394, Aug 18, 2018

I read a discussion that had a link that gave possible testing to have done to determine what might be the cause of Small Fiber Neuropathy. I know it was a link inside a discussion and in the last 8 weeks as I am new to the group. Looking for guidance for my primary physician as My Neurologist says you have it and it doesn’t matter why. Can anyone help? Thanks

Hello @lakemom394, Welcome to Connect. Is this the link you saw in another discussion?

Cleveland Clinic – Skin Biopsy for Small Fiber Sensory Neuropathy

It was in a post I made in the Living with Neuropathy – Welcome to the Group discussion. Here is the post with the link in it:

@lakemom394 is your primary physician questioning your neurologist? I would think they would want to talk and compare notes.


I am new but at the Cleveland Clinic They did the Tilt Table Test and found the small fiber neuropathy. I have multiple neuropathy's and overlapping diseases that they keep saying they need to find the underlying cause?? Lori

Hi @loricarey, welcome to Connect. I have idiopathic small fiber peripheral neuropathy and the cause of mine is most likely hereditary but who knows. I only have numbness with my neuropathy so do not need any medications for the pain and there is not a whole lot that can help with the numbness.

Are you able to share what types of neuropathy that were diagnosed and if you have pain associated with the neuropathy?


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