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I have Small Fiber Neuropathy and have horrible burning pain in my feet, and now it’s traveling up to my calves. Does Mayo Clinic have treatments for my type of pain? It’s a progressive disease & I’m scared to death!

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Hello @lexilulu, Welcome to Connect, an online community where patients and caregivers share their experiences, find support and exchange information with others. I'm really sorry to hear you have burning pain in your feet with your neuropathy and now it's starting to go up into your calves. I only have numbness with mine. There is another discussion which you may want to read through the member posts to see what they have shared helps them and a few other discussions that also might be helpful.

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This may answer your question on Mayo Clinic treatments for neuropathic pain in the treatments section - Peripheral neuropathy - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo Clinic: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/peripheral-neuropathy/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20352067

Can you share a little more about how your neuropathy was diagnosed and how long you have had it?