Partial Knee Replacement Destroyed By RLS Or...

Posted by starbright21 @starbright21, May 31 2:09pm

I underwent the Oxford procedure/partial knee replacement in May of 2024 and after about 6 months, I had a severe episode of RLS or a dream-I'm thinking it was a dream.
Anyway, I kicked violently and the knee hurt and I got out of bed and the knee popped and I could hardly walk. (I can walk now with pain) I found that I dislodged the components of the partial knee implant.
So here I am and am scheduled to see a surgeon with surgery on 1 July.
I'm looking for a brace to prevent my hyperextending the knee post-surgery, has anyone tried on of these braces?

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i have found the best braces are fit by a PT and are either custom made or at least custom fit. i my case, insurance covered my over $1000 knee brace


I had an Oxford Partial knee replacement in my left knee in 2010. I healed well after the surgery and had no problems with that knee until I was in a bike accident in Sept 2023. When I fell from the bike my left knee hyperextended
and fractured the tibial plateau in that knee. I had to wear a “non weight bearing” immobilization leg brace for 6 weeks while the fracture healed. The brace was fitted by a PT - it has adjustable panels to adapt to the size of your calf and thigh. It does not bend, it is important to immobilize your knee while it heals. My knee is now pain free with good range of motion.

Best wishes to you on your healing journey.

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