Parkinson’s and burning sinus/burning urinary issues

Posted by sickofparkinsons1 @sickofparkinsons1, Nov 3, 2023

I’ve had Parkinson’s for two years. I had my roof replaced about five months ago and then all of a sudden I had like respiratory issues like my nose is burning and I feel like I can’t breathe good. I went to the ear nose and throat doctor several times and they said that it’s my stomach (Gurd) or it’s allergies but I just read that it could be the tryjemital nerve, has anyone experienced this? I’m also having burning and a sense of urgency, just like a urinary track infection and when I go to the doctor to get tested it tests negative but they put me on anabiotic anyway and the infection appears to go away but it comes right back. Has anyone else experienced this?

I really need help. I feel awful lately, and I am very dizzy.

I really hope someone can relate to this because I really need help and the doctors, I’ve been to so many of them and they think it’s allergies or Gurd but my nose is still burning and hurting and I’m very dizzy and my blood pressure is not low. Please help.

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I would start by using a Netti pot. Make sure to use distilled water.
I microwave for 15-20 seconds.
Have on a humidifier when you sleep. I have a small humidifier on my bedside table.
Use Ayr Nasal spray as needed. Sometimes I use Ayr gel at night.
If you feel there might be an infection, use colloidal Silver nasal spray. I stay away from ones for sinus because they are too strong and burn.
I hope this helps. I have been dealing with a sore nose my whole life. But this works.


Consider having an air quality test in your house done by a professional. Mold may be the problem, but there may be something else stirred up by the roof replacement.

Here are my best wishes that you find a solution.


It's a long shot, but my husband had severe burning in his back and "needles in his toes", muscle cramps for a year. Finally, his doctor put him on clonezapem and the symptoms stopped.

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