I have Papillary thyroid cancer that has spread: Is there help?

Posted by jay88 @jay88, Oct 23, 2022

Just found out I have this cancer had Thyroid surgery now they say it spread please tell me there’s help

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Hello @jay88 and welcome to Mayo Connect. I can certainly understand your concern having been told that cancer has spread.

On Connect, there are some other discussion groups about thyroid cancer that you might find helpful. I would encourage you to read these discussions and learn how others have dealt with thyroid cancer.
Here are the links to those discussions:
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If you could share a bit more it would help to connect you with other members in a similar situation. For example, how long ago was your original surgery? Any follow-up treatments after your surgery?


hi jay 88, can you tell me how the surgery went. all i have been told was that they would give you the radioactive iodine pill and that is suppose to take care of any cancer left. wish i could be more helpful, but, my eyes are killing me trying to read, read and read again, only to still not fully understand as each and every individual is different. the protocol sounds the same though on alot of articles. then one video did mention if they mess up your parathyroid, they chop it up and put it back in the spot and it regrows. that sounds good. but how do you feel in the meantime while all this healing is going on. best wishes to all.


i am wondering that if i do nothing, what would be the outcome. i feel fine except for the a few coughing spells. so i will have an answer to my self after the neck, soft tissue unltrasound.

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