Small papillary thyroid cancer

Posted by david67 @david67, Oct 25, 2021

After my parathyroid surgery (2 weeks ago) a tiny pin point papillary cancer was found in the tissue removed with the parathyroid gland. I was told this type of cancer may never grow and can be monitored with ultra sounds every 6 months or yearly. Has anyone else had this happen? Is it safe to monitor or should I just have a total thyroidectomy? Any input would be most appreciated. I am 67 and nervous. Thanks everyone!

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I have had papillary thyroid cancer with a 2 cm nodule on the left and minuscule nodules on the right. It was recommended by my Mayo docs to have a left lobectomy and monitoring the right side. My understanding is papillary cancer grows slowly and is the least risky cancer and easily treatable via surgery. I know it's not easy knowing there is some cancer remaining that may or may not present problems in the future, but I wanted to preserve my thyroid as long as possible and avoid thyroid drugs, if at all possible. I'm told the bi-annual monitoring is sufficient to see if it grows at which point action may or may not need to be taken.


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I can understand that you're concerned about the watch and wait approach. Have you discussed the pros and cons of surgery with your doctors and been able to share your fears openly?

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