Papillary Thyroid Cancer

Posted by roya81 @roya81, Nov 29, 2022

Hi, my husband has just been diagnosed by Papillary Thyroid Cancer. Anyone with some info I can use? I’m sick worried.

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hi royal 81.
i have been diagnosed with the same. now, its a hurry up and get blood test, vocal cord checked ( voice has changed), ultrasound on the neck, and soft tissues. so overwhelmed, so fully understand your situation. also the endocrinologist wants me to meet up with the surgeon so he can explain this and that and to tell you the truth, i thought she was really going to explain it all and then of course the one who does the surgery. but, that's the way the cookie crumbles for now……….thing is, i am up in age.


Thank you for your reply, @lilyann ! And, sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Nader (my husband) has already had his ultrasound and biopsy results. The plan is a chest CT and thyroidectomy in a month time. The surgeon said it’s a non-agressive type, treatable and hopefully curable. My knowledge is very limited so would really like to know about people’s experiences.


royal 81, thank you for your support, yes, from what research i have done papillary is slow growing, so glad you are feeling much better about the situation and i'm wishing you and nader wellness and happiness.


Welcome @lilyann and @roya81. I'm tagging fellow members like @mnroni1 @jlanderson76 @aejohns @destincindy @botts @annebee @karmamamma @maureenelizabeth, who have walked this path of papillary thyroid cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. I'm sure you have questions that they can help answer through their experiences.

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