Symptoms from Depo-Provera shot

Posted by meowrightmeow @meowrightmeow, Aug 11, 2018

I have been suffering from anxiety for quite some time. I went in to see a dr for it July 18 and they were more interested in giving me birth control than controlling the anxiety. I was put on the depo shot and now I feel like I’m losing my mind! Constant anxiety no matter what, random panic attacks. I got some help recently and was put on Clonazepam .25 twice a day and Prozac. I am taking the clonazepam twice a day and I don’t think it’s strong enough. The anxiety tends to break though. I have Ativan as well and that’s what I was using before for the panic attacks. 1mg I often cut in half. The dr did say I could use them together if I really needed to but I’m afraid to. Anyone else have similar troubles?

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I've been on Depo for almost 3 months my 2nd shot is Feb 1st 2019 and I feel terrible I've had 2 anxiety attacks I wanna get off of it but I'm scared my anxiety is gonna get worse or if I will still have this side effect I need help

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Hello I had the same situation I had my first injection and 2 month after I started getting really bad panic attacks every day and sometimes still do but it’s not as bad I haven’t had the injection in 6 month and I got prescribed propananol a few month ago and didn’t seem to do any thing now my panic attacks arnt rly bad but sceard incase they come back where urs bad and have they gone now

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