Pancreatic lesion 89 yr old dad. Dr not sure if he can be treated.

Posted by jgran26 @jgran26, Mar 30 3:52pm

My 89 yr old dad has a lesion on pancreas’s. Waiting for results of MRI. Based on his age and medical history (Chrons disease) doctors not sure if he is a candidate for surgery or chemo. Anyone know what more , if anything, can be done?

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Accidently I came across this video introducing a brand new treatment of certain kind of cancers to start with, it mentioned at a Southern California Hospital, the treatment device is called Edison Hystertripsy System, no further information is given. I would find out where and call the hospital to get more information on this new treatment, may work for different cancers, you never know.

I found this video on TikTok under the search name of Gina Bonanno-Lemos.


I was unable to find anything called "hystertripsy." Perhaps it is "histotripsy?"

Here is the link to Histosonics (developers):
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