Pancreatic Cancer - No signs of spread, Whipple Candidate

Posted by mjennison @mjennison, Sep 27, 2022

Hi and so glad to be part of this group. My husband was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer this month. 5.8 cm in the head of the pancreas. CT Scan, MRIs, PET/CT Scan, Diagnostic Endoscopy all show no signs that the cancer has spread and he is a candidate for Whipple Surgery. However, his CA-19 was 1,900 (earlier in the month while experiencing pancreatitis after ECRP procedure to insert stent in Bile Duct and perform Biopsy). Latest CA19 has dropped to 1700. Doctors feel chemo (16 weeks) to ensure no messenger cells are there then Whipple in early 2023. has anyone experienced this? We would love to go in and do the Whipple now, but they are holding off until after chemo based on CA-19 tests being elevated. Thank you for your input.

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Yes, please keep us posted. I’m doing same process, chemo #2 on Friday.

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Hi! Chemo round #2 scheduled for 10/18. He tolerated round #1 ok. A bit tired and brain fog but otherwise doing well. We are interested/hopeful to see if #2 goes as well on 10/18. Please let me know how you are doing and if you experience any side effects.


I had a 2.2 cm tumor on the pancreatic head. My CA C19 was 3300they did the Whipple procedure with a good outcome. Diagnosed with stage III. Halfway done eith Chemo at this point.


Been a while since posting. Quick review, wife, 59 years old, diagnosed in march. 30mm tumor in the tail / body of the pancreas. Had Oxiplatine and 5FU for two months and was hospitalized for 9 days with sever side effects. After recover she was scanned and tested again...restarted at 70% for two rounds and 80% for the 7th round. She was referred for surgery. Post op revealed a 80mm tumor (at the largest area) and cancer likely in the local area / tissue. The post op anesthesia recovery was very hard on her to the point were she had to be restrained for 5 hours. Oh and she had a distal-pancroectomy splenectomy. The team is recommending radiation and now Gemcitabine.

Questions well is the radiation and are there clear and well defined side effects?
Same question for Gemcitabine?

Each time she agrees and moves forward with a phase of treatment the effectiveness is not as expected and the side effects are much more than we have been taught or expected.

In all honesty she is considering withdrawing from treatment and focusing on remaining quality of life.

Right now the only impact if moderate back pain which is under control with low dose of oxycodone 5mg / four hours.

Any insights or sharing is so appreciated.

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Tell your wife she has already been through the toughest part.I commend her for getting the whipple procedure.She is getting close to the end,don't quit now.

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