Pancreatic cancer became metastatic after cyberknife treatment

Posted by mcendroski @mcendroski, May 2, 2022

My husband has unresectable pancreatic cancer because tumor was wrapped around an artery. He had 6 months of folfirinox and oxyplatin. His ca 199 numbers went down to 38 but the tumor was still there so he did the cyberknife radiation but it caused his tumor to become metestatic and it spread to liver and also has a spot on his adrenal gland his ca199 went up to 540 the doctor put him back on chemo gemcebatin ...kinda feeling depressed at this point .

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Sorry to hear about the mets. My wife had folfirinox/oxalyplaten as her first line chemo and it was very effective in dropping her CA19-9 and shrinking the tumor enabling surgery. When she had reoccurrence, she was put on gemcitibine/abraxane/cisplaten which was not very effective (market kept rising) but practically killed her with side effects. She got switched to onyvide/f5u ( newer version of folfirinox) and experienced dramatic drop in CA19-9 and scan shows no new growth. Keep careful watch over the numbers and the scans and if the gemcitibine isn't helping, push for better option. We had to demand a switch because of reluctance to "do it that way".

Good luck and bless you.

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