Pairing old Kirkland hearing aids with new iPhone14

Posted by moosh @moosh, Mar 26, 2023

I have older hearing aids that work just fine. They are Costco Kirkland aids, circa 2017. I have always had them paired to my iPhones with the KS6 app. Today I got an iPhone14 and I cannot pair it with these aids. (They still connect fine to the old phone & play podcasts if its Bluetooth is on. Turned it off to avoid conflict. The new iPhone pairs with my spouse's AirPods, so not the phone per se).

I had not anticipated this and am not sure what to do now? Throw away the KS6 app and try the newer KS10 app? Buy new $$$ aids? Take the phone back? Any experience with this situation would be warmly received. Thanks in advance.

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Can you uninstall and reinstall the old app? Is it still available ? Sometimes this helps


Have you gone back to Costco to see if they can help you with this? They still service Kirkland hearing aids.

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