Posted by LisaJ @lisajinatlanta, Jul 31, 2017

Hi there, I hope you can help. My dad has had some symptoms for about three years now that are similar to those of Fibromyalgia. He gets very tired and confused and describes great discomfort with body aches. He often has to go back to bed and sleep and when he wakes up, he feels completely fixed. Energetic, motivated, and healthy again. If he had Fibromyalgia, would he experience this swing? Are Fibrolmyalgia symptoms constant? He tested borderline for sleep apnea about a year ago, and has recently had another test for apnea that came back with a conclusive no that he does not have apnea. Thank you so much.

Hello Lisa (@lisajinatlanta), welcome to Mayo Connect. Connect is a great place to connect with other members that share similar health issues, ask questions and learn what others do for treatments. Thank you for being an advocate for your dad. It’s good that he has someone to help him. I don’t have any experience with fibromyalgia but do have a few other autoimmune health issues – polymyalgia rheumatica and small fiber peripheral neuropathy. Has his doctor given any other diagnosis other than that he does not have the sleep apnea?

Mayo Clinic does have an online symptom checker that might help point you in the right direction. You can view it here:

You might want to read the discussion Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia – alternatives to medications and read the discussion posts to see if they provide you any information:

Hopefully others can jump in and offer some information that helps.


I wish. Fibro usually doesn’t swing from tired and in pain to feeling energized after a nap. Sounds like his sleep is not restful. CPAPs are much more sophisticated these days, he would probably benefit from such a device. Did he have an accident, a fall, or surgery? See if you can talk to him about his sleep habits. The areas where Fibro trigger points are sore are sore on everyone when they are exhausted. Confusion is worrisome also. But doing the least invasive thing first, like ensuring he is getting good rest and has air when he sleeps is a good first step. Best of luck. Keep us posted!

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