Adult brain tumor patient has distorted or exaggerated sense of pain?

Posted by jbganna @jbganna, Oct 23 9:12am

What is it called medically if an adult brain tumor patient (frontal lobe & corpus collosum) has distorted or exaggerated sense of pain ? And Who is now very apprehensive , unusually fearful – so not age appropriate. He pulls away to even a simple finger poke, or finger nail cutting like a 2 year old. The hospital , PT has decided he has left sided arm weakness which at times seems very evident when he can hardly lift his arm, use hand and he says he has pain with movement there . But then a nurse comes in to do a finger poke on a left finger, he persistently pulls away with good strength and ability without evident pain. She struggles with him to compete the task. This is confusing.
Nurses move him around pushing pulling rolling him etc in bed he grunts complains of pains. but then once in wheelchair he can move himself with intent and purpose around with no pain.
He yells out in pain if anyone touches him with a cold hand.
How to treat him ? , if he complains of any pains hospital staff and PT leave him in bed confined there for eternity to worsening muscle atrophy. It’s been three months. No progress. Just getting worse.

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Hi @jbganna, I believe the term you may be looking for is hyperesthesia. "Hyperesthesia refers to increased sensitivity of any of your senses, such as sight, sound, touch, and smell. It can affect just one or all of the senses. Hyperesthesia includes two different subcategories of enhanced pain sensation:
– Hyperalgesia. A stimulus triggers increased or extreme sensitivity to pain.
– Allodynia. A stimulus that is not usually painful suddenly triggers pain."

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Have you consider psychotherapy or cognitive behavior therapy to deal with the unpleasant feelings of over-stimulation? Might it be related to the location of the brain tumor?

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