Pains everywhere

Posted by desperate1 @desperate1, Jan 18, 2020

My husband has pains on lower back, butt, and legs. He also has pains in his lower abdomen. He constantly has the unsettled feeling in his chest that he is unable to describe. On top of that, he has terrible headaches everyday. All these pains are relentless and are really wearing him and I down.

He is diagnosed with intermittent claudication that could contribute to his leg pains. Vascular surgeon recommends him to keep walking to build collateral arteries. Recent test shows slight improvement.

He has lumbar stenosis. That could be cause of his back, butt, and leg pains. He had many physical therapies, acupunctures, and several steroid shots; none works. Finally he had back surgery day after christmas, still recovering and still having same pains he has before surgery. He is taking norco, as needed; but it is not working well.

His chest feeling is being treated as general anxiety. Currently taking zoloft 100mg daily. That feeling still comes and goes.

He is taking plavix 75mg, lasix 20mg, lipitor 10mg, metoprolol 50mg, lisinopril 40mg for his heart condition.

Along with all those meds, he is also taking tamsulosin 0.4mg for his prostate.

We are not sure what is causing his headache, chest discomfort, and why he is still feeling pains in his back, butt, and legs even after surgery.

Anyone has any opinion if all the meds my husband is taking could have negative interactions that is causing some of his pains? And any experience about pains after lumbar surgery?

Thanks much

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Hi @desperate1, welcome to Connect. Your husband certainly has a lot on his plate and is dealing with a lot of potential causes. I'd like to share a few discussions with you that I think may be worth your time to look through and participate in if you are comfortable:

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I'd like to invite @lynettegable, @patriciajennye and @trishanna who have all discussed living with spinal stenosis and may have some experiences to share. @ramakambhatla discussed experience with claudification as well.

@desperate1, have you had a discussion with a pharmacist about all of the meds your husband is taking? A pharmacist would be a great resource to work with you and your husband to determine all of the meds are safe to use together and what potential side-effects may be occurring as a result. If you are comfortable sharing, what surgery did your husband have for the lumbar stenosis?



When I want to find possible interactions between meds, I Google drug interactions. I usually use WebMD and Sometimes the paperwork that comes with a medication gives some interactions, but on the interaction sites allow you to be specific about the meds you take.


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