Pain under ribs for 9 years

Posted by houbrem @houbrem, Sep 21, 2018

I have had this pain on my right side, under my rib cage for 9 years. in the last month or so it has become chronic. I have had an MRI of the abdomen covering liver, pancreas, kidneys. They found an hemangioma in my liver and a cyst on my left kidney. They are telling me that this should not be causing me pain. The doctor cannot feel any lump as I think I do. but thinks it is my ribs. I am seeking another opinion from a different Gastroenterologist. She did suggest I see a surgeon to go in and explore because we can't seem to find anything wrong. But I explained that I am in pain everyday and now even when I bend at the waist I get a pain. which is new. Has anyone ever had anything like this. I don't know if I want surgery, too scared.

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I had been having severe pain under my ribs and abdominal discomfort for years, especially after eating or exercise. The Dr's. kept checking my gallbladder and all the surrounding areas, but the test kept coming back as normal. It wasn't until I had a CT done with contrast that they were able to locate the problem. I was diagnosed with a rare condition called, celiac artery stenosis secondary to median arcuate ligament compression. If you look up MALS you will see that many of the symptoms mentioned fit the description. It is often missed because it is so rare. Hope this helps someone

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I also had Mals. I had open surgery which cut back the ligament and he also respected Celiac Plexus nerves that were damaged. While this took away the knife stabbing epigastric pain, I still have tight spasms and pain around my bra line which progressively gets worse during the day. After three years from surgery, I still have t got any answers. Hope you are ok.


I am new to this area great fully so…I have intermittent pain in my back comes around my ribs … I have had it before this time is my worst bout of it…. I do mfr and chiropractor she does cupping, stem, recently tried pemf …. My question is has anyone tried pemf Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy mat if so what is your thoughts?…..thank you

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