Pain inside right nostril

Posted by poolside @poolside, Aug 16, 2020

I have a pain, like a sunburn or open sore, inside my right nostril at the cartilage just up from the tip. I only feel it when I touch a very specific spot. I've done a round of antibiotics pills and cream. They did nothing. I took a round of steroids and the pain went away until about 3-4 days after my round of steroids. The ENT said he saw nothing abnormal at all inside my nose. He scheduled a CT Scan for me this week. I do have MS and have for 15 years, mostly symptom-free. I've read in a couple of different places that it could be MS-related. I'm a bit anxious about the possibility of it being cancer. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi @poolside, I've read a few articles that talk about facial pain related to multiple sclerosis, not necessarily nose cartilage pain. You may be interested in these related discussions on Mayo Clinic Connect:
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I know that unexplained pain can be worrying and often one leaps to cancer. But don't let you worry get the better of you. You've consulted a specialist and it sounds like you are getting proper follow through and further investigation. I'll be interested to hear what the CT scan may or may not show. Did your ENT mention cancer at all?

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