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Pain in the butt - Can't sit down

Posted by @ecalderman in Brain & Nervous System, Nov 21, 2012

I have had very intense pain at my sitz bones for over 7 months and am unable to sit down. when I sit, it feels like I am sitting on two hot pokers or rocks and it is really unbearable. So, I have been standing for seven months. I've been to a couple of spine and pain management doctors, an orthopedist, a chiropractor, a neurologist, an acupuncturist, and a massage therapist. The original diagnosis was ischial bursitis but that ha not appeared on any images. I don't have any issues with any of my lumbar disks. I'm in constant pain even when standing or lying down though those activities do not hurt as much as sitting. Has anyone heard of anything like this before?

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Posted by @anon56837187, Nov 22, 2012

I am sure that you already had a CT scan. Could this be nerve damage? Did you ever over exercise when you were little?


Posted by @kimmy63, Nov 22, 2012

I also had horrific pain in this area! Sitting was horrible, felt like I was sitting on a hot poker and when I would get up the poker was being pulled out. Had MRI and it showed a cracked Tailbone!!!! What it did not show was a broken tailbone that was hanging by a thread. This was found when I had surgery to remove tailbone!


Posted by @ecalderman, Nov 23, 2012

Sounds awful! My pain is right on my sitz bones - it's very precise and the MRIs haven't shown any breaks or disc issues. I think it might be nerves but can't seem to find a way to identify it.


Posted by @kimmy63, Nov 25, 2012

I still have pain when I sit or lay on back to long. It has been 6 yrs now so I know how you feel. Saw a Dr. at Rochester who checked nerves by poking area with a pin. Did you or can you have this test done? I think it was a Neurogilst.


Posted by @ecalderman, Nov 23, 2012

I've had a few MRIs and x-rays but not CT scan yet. What might that show? I was not an over-exerciser. I'm 37 and in pretty good shape (especially after standing for 7 months!) but have never been a hard runner or biker or anything like that.


Posted by @ericak, Nov 26, 2012

Have you been screened for AS?

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