Pain in stomach w/nausea that comes & goes, severe shoulder pain

Posted by Utah0114 @simmons78, Mar 16, 2021

So I have had this issue with random extreme nausea with severe pain in the upper part of stomach. It's a really weird feeling like I said it's nausea mixed with this really deep pain and it comes on suddenly and it usually only lasts a few minutes but it's very uncomfortable. then I also have this uncomfortable feeling located like under my rib cage on the right side that sometimes feels like something is swollen there..and it's really uncomfortable to move certain ways, like leaning forward. pretty random also, it comes and goes just like the other symptoms but not necessarily all the same time. Also for months now I've had an off and on pain in my shoulders, both shoulders but at different times. right now it's been my left shoulder for a few weeks, it almost feels as if my shoulder is dislocated or something.
it hurts to move it much, especially if I try to put it above my head or reach up or around for something it'll start hurting really bad. but it constantly feels like it's out of place or something. I don't know if all those things have anything to do with one another but all have been going on for many months now & it's really concerning me. I don't have a doctor currently and I really hate to go to the ER unless it's absolutely necessary. FYI if it makes any difference I am autoimmune & have a couple different AI conditions. Psoriasis, UC & not confirmed yet but I assume Psoriatic arthritis.

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@simmon78 First, welcome back to Mayo Clinic Connect. It looks like it’s been a while since you’ve posted anything so I’m happy to see you here. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing all of these uncomfortable pains in your stomach area. They have to be weighing heavily on you mind. Do the pains come on after eating or at random times? You mentioned you have autoimmune diseases. Are those under control and are you on medications for these?

Honestly, my first thought is to definitely go see a physician about these recurrent pains and feeling of being swollen under your rib cage. There are several organs which are located within the abdomen area that is right underneath the rib cage. For instance, on the right side of the body, intestines, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, spleen and in the case of women, uterus and ovaries are located. Any one of these could be problematic if disease is going undetected.
Your shoulders sound so painful as well. All of these symptoms would warrant a look-see. Just for your peace of mind it would be worth your making an appointment with a physician. I hope you do this soon. You’ve been suffering with the unknown long enough. Wishing you all the best, Lori.


Since you do not have a doctor, I think you would be justified in going to Emerg to check this out.

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