Pain in right side under ribe after hysterectomy

Posted by teena028 @teena028, Apr 27 9:47pm

Hi, I have done complete hysterectomy surgery because of endometriosis remove ovaries and uterus in Oct 2022. I am on hormonal therapy since then. I have been experience pain in right side under lower rib. I am not understand I am having such pain. I have done ultrasound of lung and blood work, nothing is showing. Doctor is saying it might be spasm pain.
I am not sure does endometriosis re-occur and can cause pain in right side. Please help here.

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The location and fact that your on hormone therapy reduces the chance it is related to endometriosis.
If you have had blood test, did they checked your liver enzymes, that is located on right side.
Another organ in that area is gallbladder. Gallbladder pain is often related to diet.

Start tracking and logging the pain, if it comes and goes is it related to something you ate, maybe greasy food or dairy ?


Hi. I would suggest an ultrasound for gallstones, at least. I've read that female hormones can cause gallstones. Another thought is adhesion pain from surgery. A friend, who had a hysterectomy, told me to give you that advice. Please do not let Doctors discourage you from getting a diagnoses!!

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