Posted by cgrammie2 @cgrammie2, Aug 11, 2012

We live in Tennessee and my husband has been dia, with a very rare disease called pachy meningitis he is being treated in Nash. Tn. took a long time to get a name for his diease most people and Doctors haven’t ever heard of it he is looking for someone to share stories and treatments with being is has no clinical studies it is so rare! has anyone ever heard or know someone that would be willing to share information about this disease even if you are a professional neuro doctor is ok!!!

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Hello @77smith77 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You've certainly had quite the last couple of years with these two diagnosis. I am glad to read your pain is gone, however.

When did you have your two Rituxin IV's?

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May12 & 26 2022 at the Philadelphia VA.

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