Overweight but not diabetic. OK to take Ozempic-like drugs?

Posted by yearningmaple @yearningmaple, Sep 1, 2023

I need to lose about 20-30 pounds. My blood sugar is 90. Can I safely take Ozempic or similar drugs (even Metformin) for weight loss only? My doctor said she could not prescribe it with my blood sugar readings, but mentioned a “medical spa” in the area that some of her patients are going to. Seems like a tacit OK. But I’ve not been able to find anything online about this issue.

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@yearningmaple all medications have side effects. Once in awhile a medication has a surprisingly pleasant one such as weight loss. BUT I personally wouldn’t take something unless I had the ailment it was designed for. Even then I would consider all other options first. Weight loss is difficult and requires commitment to tried and true methods of healthy living such as clean eating, exercise … etc. There is no such thing as a one and done magic pill to change everything overnight. If it sounds too good to be true…..


I already tried Topamax (yikes! Talk about side effects! On the other hand, I didn’t think I could eat for a week) and Naltrexone, to no effect.


But what is your A1C. One glucose test could be in range. You need A1C to see how your BS doing over months.
Weight watchers also offers it for a fee. Its expensive even with a prescription. Drs really need more tools(diet clinics) to help with weight issues.


I personally would not take Ozempic for weight loss. My husband is diabetic and took it. Lost a good amount of weight on it. But he quit taking it and 10 pounds of the weight loss came back on in a week! He also suffered digestive issues with it. I’d try using life style changes for weight loss first. Maybe intermittent fasting, carb restriction, no snacking. Also have you had your insulin levels checked? Different than a glucose check. You can have higher than normal insulin levels and still be okay with your glucose levels.


The others here have expressed the need for an A1C test to be done which will categorize your level of diabetes should you have it. This is quite important. It is also important to check your previous A1C lab tests if you have been using one particular lab in the past; there should be results online. The trend of an A1C is important for your level of diabetes should it exist.

Regarding Ozempic, a diabetic doc or endocrinologist will typically administer for you up to 1 mg per week to help control your diabetes. For weight loss, you must see either a functional medicine doc or some other doc for weight loss which requires 2 mg per week. Endocrinologists do not take care of weight loss programs but manage diabetes and thyroid conditions mainly.

Lastly, there are some who prefer not to take 2mg of Ozempic weekly as the weight loss can be a temporary solution. When stopping this drug, weight can come back quickly for some, but meeting regularly with a dietitian can help prevent regaining those lost pounds.

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