Posted by kittykat102 @kittykat102, Oct 3, 2017

what does it mean when my ovaries hurt?

Hi, @kittykat102, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. So sorry to hear you are having pain. Thought you might like to meet some others who’ve discussed pains in the ovaries or that region. Hoping they might have some input for you. Please meet: anon56837187, maryinkansas, @anon96265037, @anon99084261, @cancersurvivor, @marvelousme5, @jennyj, @concernedmtnmom, and @misskm. @kdubois or @hopeful33250 may also have some insight.

How long have you had this pain in your ovaries, @kittykat102? Is it hurting all day long, or more intermittently?

Hi @kittykat102, my ovarian pain was caused by ovarian cysts that ruptured. It occurred only to my right ovary and keep happening over and over again, plus my right ovary hurt like heck every time I had my monthly cycle. To help with this, my OBGYN and I decided that I would go on the Mirena IUD.; as a result, I no longer have a monthly visitor — which is awesome for various reasons.

With that said, every once in a while, I still have pain. I can’t take pain medications due to genetic mutations that prevent me from properly-metabolizing most medications, so to help with the pain, I buy ThermaCare heat packs and put them on my belly. The heat always helps with the pain, and the ThermaCare last for at least six hours.

If you find that you continually have pain, be sure to see your doctor.

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