Out of Control Panic Attacks

Posted by leah42 @leah42, Jan 19, 2023

Does anyone have any suggestions for someone suffering from severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks? I'm on Prestiq but I am starting to feel trapped by my anxiety. I've had several ER visits cuz I was unable to stop a Panic Attack and really thought I was dying. I can't live this way. I'm always terrified and of what I don't even know. If anyone has any suggestions of things that worked for them please share as I am at my wit's end. Thank You for listening;❤️❤️

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Hi Leah42,
I can completely emphasize with you..I suffer from PTSD severe anxiety and major depression. On top of that I have aspergers which makes the whole world and my misery even more intense. I've worked with a psychiatric nurse (who can prescibe meds) and Xanax helped me in the beginning, for several years now I've been on clonazepam which is much stronger..also gabapentin to help in the background and so I don't don't grind my teeth in my sleep. Clonazepam is the only thing that can help me in a panic attack just took one actually moments ago from waking up from a horrific trauma induced nightmare!! I just wanted to offer some advice and let you know you are not alone! I know how debilitating it can be ive been disabled for several years as it's so bad. Cant evn go to the grocery store without panicking! But try to see if you can talk to a psych nurse and start with something low dose and see what works for you. I'm sending you positive energy and hope I can help somehow❤️


@leah42 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Having panic attacks can leave you exhausted, wrung out, and wondering what might happen next. Have you been able to contact your medical team and sought their assistance? Do you have a counselor to speak with and review what might be causing this panic? Is there a triggering factor that you can associate with it, a place or time of day, perhaps?

Sometimes, taking deep breaths can help get your mind under control, and relax you enough to ward off a negative attack. Taking a deep breath in for a count of four, hold for 4, then release out for count of four. Taking your mind to a more peaceful place can help, also. Can you try this?


Pristiq may not be the med for you. You should contact your prescriber ASAP.


Yes! Through your expert medical find a med that works for you. It may take awhile but when your body finds it, you will know.


Hello, This happened to me for over a year. I was in an out of hospitals thinking I was having a heart attack. I would wake up out of my sleep clutching my chest with my heart rate going up . I would go to multiple hospitals ( thinking they were wrong) where they would do all the basic tests and it would all come back negative. Then one night one of the ER doctors told me he thinks I may have gerd an another night another ER doctor told me it’s anxiety. It turns out I have both and there usually linked. If you are sure you don’t have gerd and you believe it’s totally due to anxiety here’s what I used for great success ( I have the gerd but no longer the panic attacks or anxiety) Lemon Balm, magnesium , Ashwagandha, calcium, Omega 3 , nutritional yeast, probiotics eat a healthy diet no gmo foods choose organic limit caffeine Listen to Eckhart Tolle on U tube, he has all kinds of information to help you over come this . One of the many things that put that A into remission was accepting it when I would have the attack I would tell myself Michelle your home , safe and secure your with your husband , the boys and dogs their is no one chasing you and your not in any danger then I would laugh and just start dancing around another thing I would do is start naming ice cream flavors or counting colors that was all around my house that would put me in a state of now and take me out of fight or flight remember a panic attack is your body and brain thinking it’s under an attack if you start laughing or doing something else your brain thinks ok I don’t think we’re any danger because feel good signals are floating around also one more trick is chewing sugarless gum the mouth produces saliva and the brain thinks everything is ok . Mediate, breath and relax ,think happy thoughts even if it’s make believe , you got this . I hope this helps and remember to see your doctor to go over plans for treatment . God Bless


I get bad anxiety attacks and Klonopin helps as needed...But its a double edged sword...I quite shaking and trembling after about a hr but then i am really wiped out.
I hate that as well but being wiped out tired beats all the shaking.

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