Ostomy: Adapting to life after colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy

It takes time to become comfortable with an ostomy — a surgically created opening in your abdomen that allows waste or urine to leave your body.

Many questions may run through your mind as you practice good ostomy care and live your life. It can help to talk to others who have been there. Perhaps you’d like to ask others questions like: What can I eat? What about leaks? Can I go back to work after colostomy? Can I ride a bike with an ileostomy? Will everyone figure out I’ve had urostomy surgery just by looking at me? What about intimacy?

Welcome ostomates. Let’s talk frankly about living with an ostomy. Why not start by introducing yourself? What type of ostomy do you have? How’s it going?


Having had an ileostomy for 50 years, I believe I've tried just about every skin barrier product known to man. My skin is allergic to almost everything except water. I also have a burst appendix scar above my stoma and a hernia to the right of my stoma.
For me the best skin barrier product is one made by Hollister (hollister.com). I wear their appliance for at least a week and usually for up to 10 days. And yes, I shower daily. I know this wear time is not recommended, but it works for me.
Before applying the appliance I put a slim O-ring over my stoma. When applying the appliance I hold it on the skin for approximately 60 seconds and then window tape it with a silicone water proof tape. Every tape I have tried eventually ended up irritating my skin, except for this silicone water proof tape.
Following on the products, mentioned above, that I use. Go to Hollister's web site for more product and description information. I hope this is of some help.


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@hanseron Manny thanks for such good ideas. My order to Hollister is my next action.
In Hawaii we say Mahalo for those that help us.


I received my stoma 5 years ago and what has worked for me, since my skin is sensitive to all things that stick to my body, I use "No Sting Barrier Film". A few years ago I started to have the irritation. Figuring I was not cleaning the skin under the one piece pouch, I got out the "No-Rinse Foaming Body Wash", I was given when I was in the hospital. It works, I do rinse the Body Wash off. I also noticed that the tape was not sticking, which means I was not holding the pouch in place long enough (3-5 minutes) for the tape to "mold" to my body. If you do not have "hot" hands just use the hairdryer. If that fails try the rings, 3-5 days is a normal time for a pouch change. I have also found out that how many showers you take can tell you how often the pouch needs to be changed. (Water gets under the tape.) If you have hair under the tape you may want to remove it or if you sweat a lot these can cause the tape not to stick so the pouch has to be changed more often. At one time almost all Ostomy Nurses had an ostomy, now more people are going into the field. If you can, ask for an ostomy patient/nurse. I hope this info can help. Good Luck.

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@mimcg…Thanks very. helpfull. Maybe my expectations for more days is unrealistic. I’ll try yor suggestions.


hi — press on. you'll be ok.

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