Osteopososis and safe exercise

Posted by leemiller @leemiller, Mar 17, 2016

I was diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis in my spine before breast cancer treatment, but now that I’m on an aromatase inhibitor, I’m really concerned about how to increase my bone mass – without wanting to take more drugs. I did LiveStrong at the Y after finishing cancer treatment and it was a great group, but nobody seemed to know which bends/stretches/exercises were safe for me to do. This is an area that seems ripe for the yoga instructors who work with older folks and cancer survivors.

Hi @leemiller. Welcome to Connect! Based on your other post, it looks like you are seeing an OT to discuss ways to increase bone mass. Does that seem to be helping so far? Have you also considered PT? I’m tagging a few other Connect members who have recently discussed this diagnosis, so hopefully you can chat and support each other! @opeiusdei777 @larkspur2015 @sherrymalovich

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