Orange Tongue

Posted by jenniferforte @jenniferforte, Mar 22, 2019

About a week and a half ago I developed a painful tongue. A week ago today, my tongue turned orange and about 5 days ago the pain dulled and now my tongue feels like it has been burned. My tongue still remains a strong yellow/orange color. I also have a weird taste in my mouth. I wouldn't say it is a metallic taste, just a taste that is different from my neutral taste. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me antifungals, which I take 5 times a day for 14 days. It has been two days on the medication and my tongue has not changed color at all. The antifungal is irritating my mouth a bit. I am just worried that the cause may not be thrust, but something else. I am not pregnant. Does anyone have any ideas? I am starting to get worried.

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I've been 98% clear after over a year with severe orange tongue. I found that taking 3 probiotics a day (3 different probiotics meaning different brands because they have different cultures), plus using a tongue scrapper has been my savior. I also found out that when I eat anything with sugar it flares up. Your tongue goes 1/2 way down your throat and since you can't get to it to scrape the fungus off, it comes back but less each day. My doctor was amazed how it went from a Colliflower orange thick coat to looking like a normal tongue. I also use charcoal toothpaste and a strong mouthwash. I still have tingling on the tongue. I think I will go to my doctor and see if he will give me penicillin if it worked for you.

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