Oral cancer

Posted by jmg856 @jmg856, Feb 15, 2023

So it is looking like I am going to have oral cancer. Am I going to die? Here’s the before pic and after. One of the nurses said it could be bad or hyper keratosis from my teeth. Really need some words

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...sorry you are going through this physically and mentally.... both my spouse and I are cancer survivors, but both in pelvis... mine 1985 and his 2014 plus a list of other medical issues. Having even canker sores etc. or even biting tongue badly is so painful, and with trying to eat...so this must feel horrible... . have you any family, emotional, support while you go through this? I found that the drs and nurses in those days were "good" but I needed help getting through it mentally.... not sure if you have diagnosis of cancer or still waiting for results.... many here have been in your shoes so to speak but this is your journey and I hope you get some encouraging news and if not, some help dealing with it all.... best wishes, J.


I wouldn't worry too much yet! I think if it were due to smoking or smokeless tobacco it would be worse, but caught early enough, still not deadly! However, I am not an expert on this. Three days ago, I noticed white patches in my mouth and tongue which I found out by googling the internet were Leukoplakia. I quit smoking some years ago but switched to tobacco pouches. That was a stupid thing to do! I did read that Leukoplakia can also be caused by one's teeth being in bad condition and harming the mucus membranes within the mouth!

As far as I understand it, if your condition was discovered fairly quickly (if you're in an early stage of it) than you stand a good 90% chance of recovery, so don't give up hope! I'm trying to keep myself from being too negative myself about my own condition and will just have to wait until I see my doctor this Thursday and hopefully, have a biopsy done soon! I have many years of tobacco use behind me!

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