on anything for post treatment

Posted by terryb1 @128128terry11t, Mar 16, 2019

Anyone on any antibiotic or other type medication for post treatment? Anyone's doctor recommend that you do this?

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@128128terry11t Hi Terry. I am on maintenance antibiotic therapy post mac. I tested negative for mac since 2014. You can click on my photo icon and my drug regimen will come up. I have been on antibiotics since 2013 with no side effects. I have stayed healthy over the years with the exception of getting pseudomonas in 2016. The tobramycin knocked that out after 30 days. Pseudo can be as tenacious as MAC, so I am on the toby to this day to make sure it stays gone. Antibiotics are necessary post treatment, because the susceptibility to catch it again is high, especially if you have bronchiectasis. The structural damage in the lungs leave one vunerable to germ trapping, and then germ colonizing. I hope this helps.

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