Posted by sherry73 @sherry73, Feb 26, 2019

My aunt had tumor removed and then the chemo and radiation, its been 9 most since her surgery and she is having paranoid delusions and is afraid to sleep at night in her home. What can we do for her, please anyone dealt with anything like this?

I have this same type of tumor! I would definitely call her doctor.


Hello @sherry73 I am sorry to read of your Mom's situation. That is tough for sure!

My wife suffered from many different types of imaginary issues with her brain tumor. Auditory, visual, and many olfactory. Very challenging for sure! She seemed to cycle through them. I remembrer one night being woken from a deep sleep by my wife talking to me, but while I was laying next to her in bed, she was certain I was standing up on her side of lthe bed.

I know each patient and their brains are different, but in my wife's case her neuro doctor told us these were due to the brain trying to work within a new damaged environment.

I wish I had some solid suggestion….

Strength, courage, and peace!

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