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Brain cancer: Oligodendroglioma

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I was diagnosed on February 20th 2013 with stage 2 Oligodendroglioma.and have had 2 awake brain surgeries. The 2nd one has left me partially handicapped on my right side. Needless to say it is a life changing experience to say the least.

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Hello @andria111270 I send you strength, courage, and peace in your journey. “Life changing” indeed! You said that well!

My wife was also initially diagnosed with Stage II Oligodendrogioma. Her surgery left her in a coma, then paralyzed. She worked through 16 months of in and out patient PT, OT, and CT to regain a vast majority of those lost abilities. They stayed with her for a very, very long time! Continue to be strong and know there are some out in electronic land thinking and pulling for you!

I applaud you for being here and seeking to share some of your journey. Support, sharing, and understanding are necessary, very useful, and hugely important!

I wish you nothing but the best each day.

Welcome @andria111270. I see you’ve met Scott. I’d also like to introduce you to @robinjenkins70. So glad you joined us here on Connect.
Can you describe the handicap that you have? Is it your entire left side? Have you been able to regain partial use of your limbs?

Sorry to hear this! Had it gotten easier?

Good morning @user_chea8a92a I hope you have a pleasant day today!

In response to your question I can only say that each individual’s journey with brain cancer is unique and their own. How one person manages this strange and dastardly disease can be quite different from another. It is important to remember the disease also effects each patient in different ways. No reaction or action is right or wrong, it is just what a specific person experiences.

In my wife’s case the location of her tumor caused significant personality alterations so I often say while I was married to my wife for 41 years I was actually married to two different women. The pre-tumor woman and the post-tumor woman. I truly wish I could say it got easier for her, but she was such a changed person after the surgery it was simply too different for me to be able to say..

On the positive side she never wavered in her dedication to doing her best each and every day! She really fought to keep as positive an outlook as she could and to do whatever she could each day, even as her limits adjusted over time. Accepting and adjusting to new limits as they were thrust upon her were times of increased anxiety for sure, but then she soldiered on within her new paradigm of her physical/emotional/psychological condition. She’d find her new groove and we’d move along in it!

She was the truest embodiment of strength I have ever witnessed!

Peace & Strength!

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