Off/on slight pain 4 months post op TRKR?

Posted by kneenee @kneenee, Feb 24 12:07pm

Been doing ok till today...started weaning off PT and transferred to trainer at gym and still doing pt exercises too. Little stab like pain inner knee comes and goes...? Scaring me! Still have tight feeling, but slowly better when I exagerate walking...bending, lifting, heel/ toe. Suppose to travel in a month...a tad 😟 worried! Probably do wheel chair at airport! Think I should bring case also! Didn't expect this to take so long.

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I am 76 years old, 19 months post op TKR and periodically have pain around my surgery knee, usually on the inner knee. I continue to work on keeping my leg muscles strong with a swim class, weight training twice a week and walking 3 times a week. My knee continues to pop and clunk, but I have very good ROM. My knee pain may bother me on and off for a few days, go away then come back and there’s no swelling or redness so I don’t worry.


I am 16 months out and still have soreness and stiffness whether I am active or not active. My ROM is really good at 125 and no redness or anything so I think it's just being old and taking longer for my muscles maybe to get stronger. I can't imagine why it is taking so long either. They are checking my blood flow in my leg as well for the muscles around the knee. My CPR and SED rate are normal so my inflammation is not anything to worry about so I'm thinking it's just me being 62 and not healing as quickly. Be patient with yourself and take your can if you think it's needed. I still take mine sometimes if it's really bothering me.

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