Nutrition and Cancer: Getting protein in my diet

Posted by skoshi @skoshi, Feb 1, 2019

I am having difficulty getting enough protein in my diet. I can't 'break down' chicken, due to no saliva. I can tolerate beef if rare and fish rare or raw..sashimi.

Scrambled eggs are great! But can't eat them every day. Carbohydrates are tolerated more easily, but like with the protein, I need to 'wash' everything down with water. I also eat a lot of watermelon with my food, as it helps to get the food down. I don't tolerate dairy well, and do not like the taste of Boost or Ensure. Wondering if anyone else has these issues.

Thank you. I will def try your suggestions. I am now able to drink Ensure Max..very surprised that I can..


@skoshi Sounds like you’re having great difficulty eating and getting proper nutrition. Just wondering if you’ve been able to see a dietician at your local hospital? They might be able to help. Please let us know what you are able to learn!

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