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nutcracker syndrome

Posted by @taphillips001 in Digestive Health, Aug 4, 2011

Does anyone have this.....I need help!!

Tags: kidney conditions

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Posted by @lincolnlady, Sep 9, 2011

Yes I have it too. Have you been seen by a urologist and a vascular surgeon. What are your symptoms ?


Posted by @anon90896456, Sep 10, 2012

I have pain and nausea everyday I don't even want to eat anymore. They said my Colon doesn't function properly so that's what they think is causing it but I also have a compressed renal vein which can cause nutcracker syndrome. I don't know what's going in but they said not to worry about the renal vein unless my red blood cells are low or peeing out blood... Life is getting hard.. I hate feeling like I'm in this alone


Posted by @bearylynn, Apr 15, 2013

i also was told, w/o blood in urine - not a problem, although my nephro at home disagrees. my colon also gets worse every year. severe llq pain and spasm prevents gas and stool from passing. i suspect my compressed renal vein has impact on llq colon blood supply issues - as well as a duplicated {LARGE) left kidney that has trouble staying up. on rare occasion, when pain is absent, the only way to keep it gone is to not eat. stopped working at 45 yrs. old after YEARS of relentless stabbing, burning, spasming pain. nephro wants me to go back to mayo and i want to but the last trip caused me major pain for weeks. i don't travel well. dysautonomia, scarring problems, chronic bronchitis & sinusitis, carpal tunnel surgeries, thyroid surgery, fibromyalgia, etc also make it hard to fit in my schedule. with my med record, major surgery could cause problems, but i'm so tired of living this way. if you saw me though, I look like an amazingly healthy, vibrant, strong, middle-aged female.


Posted by @cjln, Apr 9, 2012

My daughter is seeing a vascular surgeon this month. She has had pain after eating and nausea all her life.

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