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Susan ferrer

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Intracranial internal carotid artery aneurysm

Posted by @susanferrer, Jul 6, 2017

I would like more info. I only know it is 7 mm by 4.8 mm by 4.8 mm. Is this large? Is it going to require intervention? How long can i go untreated? I have a lot of questions and i was told i have to wait for referral and that it may take weeks or months to get an appointment. What are odds of having a stroke?


Hi Susan,
Welcome to Connect. I’m tagging @deanatay on this conversation. She has 2 that are in the carotid artery.

You might also want to watch this Video Q&A and read the responses in the comments.
– #MayoClinicNeuroChat about Brain Aneurysms

Months seems a long time to wait for a referral. Can you go to a different center?

@kariulrich, might you have some thoughts for Susan?

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