Not sure what to do: tremor, UTI, lightheadedness, dizziness, headache

Posted by kati612 @kati612, Oct 7, 2018

Would like some opinions.
I’ve had a very slight tremor of my head for a while now. Not all the time. I became more curious about it and started to inquire. In the mean time, I developed a UTI and started taking Cipro and also had a flu shot recently.
I have felt “off” lately. Some light headed ness, dizziness, slight headaches.
My mind is racing to the worst scenarios.
My primary said the neurologically everything seems to be fine.

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I never thought of bread turning into sugar!!
Just read that in a nutrition article and you reinforced that! My daughter is a registered dietitian and did not educate her mother 🤭

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@helenfrance Shame on you daughter . You will see the difference if you limit or stop the bread. As a nurse this was my petpeeve Diabetics that didn't follow the diet . Glad I could help Get those numbers down


Hello @pamelacelia — I have no medical background or training but do know that Googling symptoms can bring out some anxiety and give you an unnecessary scare. So I agree with @lisalucier that it would be a good idea to see your doctor as soon as possible. I think the swollen glands can be an indication that your body is fighting an infection of some sort. Here's some information on swollen lymph nodes from Mayo Clinic –

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I agree totally agree with regard to Googling symptoms can cause anxiety, at least for me .More than one doctor has told me not to, especially people that are phone to anxiety.

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