Not sure what to do: tremor, UTI, lightheadedness, dizziness, headache

Posted by kati612 @kati612, Oct 7, 2018

Would like some opinions.
I’ve had a very slight tremor of my head for a while now. Not all the time. I became more curious about it and started to inquire. In the mean time, I developed a UTI and started taking Cipro and also had a flu shot recently.
I have felt “off” lately. Some light headed ness, dizziness, slight headaches.
My mind is racing to the worst scenarios.
My primary said the neurologically everything seems to be fine.

@kati612 Hi Kati and welcome. The first thing that comes to my mind is to ask if you have blood pressure that is too high or too low, and if you are properly hydrated and drinking enough water? Dehydration does cause headaches and dizziness and can make your heart race and will change your blood pressure as your body adapts. Blood pressure usually isn't felt unless it very high ,etc. I know if I get angry and mine goes up, I can feel the change. I know it's easy to worry, but start with the basics first. Water will help with the UTI too. Some people get blood pressure changes with lying down vs standing that are not normal changes. I've had a doctor have me lie down to test my blood pressure and to do it standing as well. Medications can also cause you to not feel like yourself. You might want to keep track and see if you get better or not with each day, and to see if it resolves after you finish the antibiotic medication. You can always ask your pharmacist about adverse reactions to medications or the prescribing doctor. The pharmacist might have more time to look into it. As for flu shots, I had an adverse reaction to one once and my shoulder swelled so I could not raise my arm very high, only about 45 degrees up from horizontal. I later found out I was allergic to egg whites, so that may have been the reason because eggs are used to culture the flu vaccine, but that's a guess on my part. The problem with my shoulder took 3 months to completely resolve, and because of that I have not had a flu shot since. I know that I should, and there may be alternatives now for people with egg allergies.

Take a deep breath. If your mind is racing, you will raise your blood pressure worrying about it. You can buy a blood pressure cuff and check your pressure at home. If you practice deep slow breathing (and you can do that in time to relaxing music) , you can learn to lower your blood pressure. I did that and I was measuring it and dropping it 15 points. It gets to be mindful meditation, and you can do that anytime, and that will improve your health.

I bought 2 books at Mayo by Dr. Sood that help with resilience and lowering stress, and they are both excellent and discuss mindfulness. Our brains are wired to hear stressful messages first as a survival instinct and that easily overshadows our good thoughts causing us to worry. Just knowing this can help put your mind at ease. Dr. Sood also has short videos to inspire wellness. You can like him on facebook.

Here is a longer video of him speaking that you might like.

Here are his books:

You are probably fine. Slight temors come with age, as we get older. Stop worrying because the more you look you think thats the problem. Trust your primary, he went to school for at least 13 years. Cipro is a strong drug for bad uti's. Lightheaded could be from all this worrying. Trust me I have spent 30+yrs with many problems, 3 rare, and I diagnosed 3 illnesses, told doctors who confirmed, ms, sjogrens, lupus. Been there. Personally I don't think much about mindfullness, just another buzzword for relaxing.

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This may possibly help allay fears about tremors; I developed tremors in my hand/fingers when I was about 50. The first symptom was my spoon colliding with my cereal bowl at breakfast. I saw a neurologist who told me that I had "familial tremor" which is now called Essential Tremor and it's different from Parkinson's-type tremor because when my hand is at rest, there is no tremor; only when I move my hand to use it in some way. Parkinson's tremor manifests itself when the hand is at rest. He told me I could drink red wine or use an alpha blocker, I think he said. I now have several B.P. meds and one of them seems to affect it as I now have a very slight tremor. (BTW, one of my other B.P. meds was causing me to fall with no warning and I was taken off that one.

I would get checked out by a Neurologist to be sure its nothing serious. I have been experiencing headaches, dizziness, tremor in the face, and blurred vision in one eye. Was sent for so many scans for the sinuses. Turns out I have Small Vessel Disease in the brain. I have to go for further testing, and go back to the Neurologist. I am 71 years old with years of hypertension and Diabetes and poor diet, therefore, most likely this has all caused this problem for me. It could be something simple, but its always worth checking out.

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