Not a heart attack or stroke. Seizure?

Posted by tracylm @tracylm, Mar 22 8:42pm

Driving home from work….
It started out with extreme pressure in my upper back and spine. The pressure traveled to my shoulders, face and head, which left a very scary feeling in my head like something really bad is going to happen. I started to take deep breaths and my throat felt weird, like I couldn’t swallow. I had to pull off of the road bc my body had this sinking feeling and I was getting very weak. I couldn’t raise my arms. My head started falling forward toward my steering wheel and I felt like I was getting ready to pass out. This horrible feeling came over me that I was getting ready to die. That lasted for about a minute all together….
I had several episodes before that one, but they weren’t as bad. It’s like they built up to that one. They also made my left arm pull to my side and made my fingers curl under. This happened in April’21. I haven’t had anymore episodes until last month. Everything is starting again. I do have lesions on my brain, most signs of MS, but no diagnosis. My ANA is 1:2560. I also have a lot of damage in my spine….
I’ve got to figure out what happened in April’21. I could have crossed the centerline and killed someone. 😭 My cardiologist says my heart is fine and I don’t have any signs of a stroke in my brain. If anybody has ever had something like this to happen to them, please share.

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tracylm @tracylm
Tracy, Good Afternoon
What a terrible experience, I am very sorry for you! I have not had similar experiences during my seizures. Usually, I do not remember what happens to me during my seizures (I have temporal lobe epilepsy), it is my husband that tells me thereafter. I understand this happens to most of us with epilepsy during our seizures.
Have you been diagnosed with epilepsy? Did you try to investigate what has happened with a GP or a neurologist?
Until getting a diagnosis, it is best to stay away from driving.
My best wishes to you!


I can't say if you had a seizure or not. If so, they don't sound typical. You seem to have so many symptoms.
Like @santosha I have no memory of my seizures. I've had over 13,000 and only remember only one. That was a focal aware seizure.
When these symptoms ended were you confused or sleepy?
You said “That lasted for about a minute all together….”
Do you mean the feeling you were going to die or all your symptoms? How long did all this last? Did the symptoms go away and you drove on your way to your destination without symptoms or were there lingering symptoms?
Do you know if you were ever unconscious?

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