Non dilating pupils

Posted by brendahawaii @brendahawaii, Jun 6, 2019

My husband has a condition since birth,his
pupils dont not dilate,they are always tiny.
He can’t get the proper prescription for glasses.
We went to several doctors,no one was able to help.
I appreciate any input.

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Your husbands condition sounds like congenital myosis. Could be a missing gene or not having the iris muscles that open and close the iris or maybe the muscles are weak. I think it’s a rare condition but I don't know how rare. I only know about pinpoint pupils because I know some medications or drugs can affect the pupils on a long term basis. I had a childhood friend who had what they called lazy eyes back then. Her eyes would drift to either side. She had surgery to tighten the muscles. I wonder how many ophthalmologist have come across this in their working life. There has to be a specialist somewhere who has some knowledge of this. Don’t know if there would be any surgery or treatment.

Regards from FL Mary


Thanks ,
it’s nice to know a name for the condition.
Really appreciate the reply.

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