No Symptoms of PMR but SED & CPR Still Up.

Posted by mountainbikergirl @mountainbikergirl, Nov 9 8:31am

My husband, age 84, has had PMR since fall of 2022. He has had no symptoms of PMR since August. Yet his C-Reactive Protein is still moderately elevated (1.34) and SED is moderately elevated (32). He is on 1mg of prednisone daily since October 1st. Does he still have PMR because of the elevated inflammatory markers? We were going to go down to 1 mg of prednisone every other day, if the inflammatory markers were normal with his labs yesterday. Unfortunately they weren't. When can we expect them to return to normal.

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@mountainbikergirl, It sounds like the current 1 mg dosage of prednisone is controlling the symptoms. My non medical guess is yes he still has PMR because he's still on prednisone to keep the symptoms at bay. It sounds like he's going on 1 year of the PMR diagnosis. My first time with PMR lasted 3 and half years. The second time lasted 1 and half years. You might try splitting the 1 mg prednisone tablet and seeing how he does at 1/2 mg dose. My first time with PMR I spent the last six months going back and forth between 1 mg and 1/2 mg before I was able to stop taking the prednisone without having the severe pain. I still had morning stiffness until I got up and was moving around.

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