No rash, just ITCH so bad on arms and neck

Posted by bart12mike @bart12mike, Aug 19, 2022

Hello all;
I joined Mayo Connect this morning because I'm desperate for discussing something many of you have been talking about; unexplained ITCHing without any sign of rash.
Mine started in February 2020. It started on my right forearm, stinging, harsh itching that would only start in the early evening and would continue during the night but not all night. My dermatologist was not too worried about it and ignored it after she took my blood and said I was reacting to Casein, the dairy allergy. But I had no rash or any other symptoms. She said to put some lotion on it!
I went to a kinesiologist who said I wasn't "allergic" to dairy and other food products like wheat but I was reacting to them. So she cleared me of those elements with her testing and I was to stay off those food items for two months and then could introduce myself to them slowly. After two months, I tried to re-introduce but the itch started back in fury. I then found a healer who uses reiki; she said it was "energy" related and (I know, for some of you, this is too much woo-woo stuff) and she would work with her guides and use reiki. THAT WAS AMAZING! It worked so well folks! I am not prone to believing in such holistic and energy-related practices but I am telling you it worked! That was in November 2021. Over the last six months I was fine. Then I started to take an anti-inflammatory med for a shoulder issue; Meloxicam 15 mg's and the ITCHing came back on the left arm instead of the right arm. I stopped that medication after three days and the ITCH got better but not great. The healer has been trying to work her magic on me but it has been frustrating this go-around with her reiki. I'm at a loss because now itching is starting early evening, into the night waking me up, and this morning I resorted to icing the arm for relief.
I have been reading about all of you experiencing ITCHING WITHOUT A RASH and I just had to write my story and see if I can get any discussion for this! I'm going to try moringa oil, as I heard that can help. I have also tried all the OTC stuff, including calamonine lotions and antihistamines but they merely work a day or two.
Thanks in advance for any type of suggestions. I'm 66 yrs old, in good shape and have no mental health issues. I take a statin (yeah I know but I've been on it for ten years) and a baby aspirin. Thanks again!

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Hi all, I have a similar itch condition, arms and legs, no rash…on a FB Group for this condition, someone discovered that their pre-workout supplement killed the itch…she isolated it to Beta Alanine, an OTC amino acid. It kills the itch for about 90% of us on this FB Group…I buy mine on Amazon. I use the NOW Brand…but any brand that says CarnoSyn Beta Alanine in the supplement Facts section is what to look for. I take 750 MG to prevent itch, up to 1500 mg to kill a bad itch. Maybe it will work for this condition too…There is one medical paper written be a pair of Stanford Dermatologist who tried it on a patient, it worked. The NIH now lists it as a treatment for itch relief. My condition is Aquagenic Pruritus…I also has itch associated with Mastosytosis,,,Beta Alanine works for both.

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Thank you for that insight into Beta Alanine. I will check out that research done on it.
I am getting relief after working with my healer! I have not had any ITCH since Thursday morning! I am also using Dermeleve in case of, and ice when needed, but again, I'm hopeful that my healer is releasing the negative energy from my body…I know how this sounds but it's working, again.


Hi Chris and all,
I have been reading and keeping in touch from all of you. I have had success when my itching with no rash (I want to safely call it neuropathy itching) by taking an antihistamine all Fall. The ITCH went away even after stopping the antihistamine until December. But it was irregular bouts of ITCHING at night and only on one arm. So I managed.
But in the last two weeks my FEET are ON FIRE. Instead of typically cold feet sitting watching or reading in the evening, my feet became extremely HOT! And now in the past week the HOT feet are waking me up like the ITCHING did. Does any one know about this? I've started to look online. But nothing is definitive to me, at this point. Thanks for responding in advance.


Following up on my morning share: I purchased Capsaicin cream for my uncomfortably hot feet. I also got some alpha-lipoic acid capsules, for a test to see if this antioxidant helps with nerve function.

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