No diagnosis yet: Dry Mouth, Mouth Redness, Mouth Pain, Mouth Swelling

Posted by carolinap @carolinap, May 25, 2022


For about 2 years now, I’ve had mouth redness, dry mouth, some sores (every few months or so but the sores has stopped), and I get these red dots (picture attached) I went to a lot of doctors and got a lot of tests (autoimmune, infections etc.) and it all came back saying I was fine. The only thing was low vitamin D and now I’m taking supplements. We did a few allergy tests and it said I was allergic to egg which helped the pain in my throat. I also changed my toothpaste and that helped reduce the sores (now haven’t any except those red dots on my lip and sometimes on my cheek)

But now my mouth has been swollen and inflamed for the last week or so (I had been fine for like a few months)

This is all extremely frustrating because I am young, and healthy yet my mouth is in pain most of the time.

Please, any and all advice is welcome.

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Hi, I think it sounds like*burning mouth syndrome* you can find out more about it online but for me it was VERY similar! But my mouth was so dry it was 🔥hot hot hot even tho the touch it was tender swollen red n was sore s…I couldn't eat anything but cold soft foods but my favorite and the BEST thing was milk! Especially holding it in my mouth for minutes at as time… My Dr gave m3 an Rx for ★ magic mouthwash ★ it was the king of oragels like! Good luck!


I was wondering whether you have taken a medicine that you swish around in you mouth then spit it out. It reduces mouth pain by eliminating an overgrowth of fungus and yeast that can infect the mouth. People who use asthma pumps often have this condition. Obviously you should avoid hot or spicy foods, alcoholic drinks, and strong candy or gum. It doesn’t sound like fun but it is better than a burning mouth, believe me, I know.


@carolinap, both @willows and @nikk1love mention burning mouth syndrome, so I thought you may appreciate the following links to another related discussion as well as information from Mayo Clinic.
– Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS): Anyone found any relief?
– Burning mouth syndrome – Symptoms & causes:

What helps when your mouth is inflammed?

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