night time muscle cramps

Posted by hosta, Eve @hosta, Jul 8, 2018

Hi, my name is Eve, I get night time muscle cramps in my legs, and feet. It is now 2:AM and I am awake. after having a cramp in my left calf. Dr recommended tonic water with quinine. But I still get the cramps They can come in any part of my legs from the groin down to the toes.. I walk the floor with a cain and cry, they hurt so bad. What causes this and what will help? Thanks!.


Hi Eve, I have early lag cramp as my morning calls! I know one thing that will bring on the cramp is if my blanket is stretched too tight on my feet! I always loosen the top sheet and the blanket so they don't touch my feet! Also, I massage my legs and feet in bed before I fall asleep! Sometimes, I suffer from pinched nerve on top of my right foot, like an electric shock that kept me up all night. It usually lasted 24 hours, but during the day I can function without interruption! My primary doctor doesn't know the causes and didn't offer any remedies! I also drink powder Turmeric tea with a touch of black pepper.

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Hello, had a neuroma that was so painful, all the way up the leg, surgeon called it morton's neuroma (on foot) removed it, 20 years ago, no trouble since then, I did not go to podiatrist, went to orthopedist that specialized in foot problems.

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