Neuropathy Pain at Night: What helps?

Posted by Donald @donfeld, Jun 8, 2020

THC or marijuana for me relieves pain from neuropathy. It works every time takes a few minutes and a few puffs of smoke and it comes it down for some crazy reason that makes this drug so popular.

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@donfeld, You will notice I changed the discussion title to more reflect the topic and help members find your discussion. You mentioned in another discussion that you slept in a recliner and the night pain went away. Do you still find that helpful to reduce or make the pain go away?

I have lymphedema and my right leg tends to swell up during the day even though I wear compression socks to help with the lymphedema. I put a pillow under the mattress at the bottom of the bed to elevate my legs slight and help with the fluid retention and swelling. I've read where other members have used blanket and sheet tents to raise the sheets off of their legs to help with the pain they feel when the sheets touch their legs. There is another discussion you might find helpful if you have similar problems with fluid retention.

Correlation between increased neuropathy pain and fluid retention?:

@jeffrapp @rwinney @jimhd @artscaping may also have some thoughts about neuropathy pain at night and what helps.


@donfeld With my neuropathy waking me at night I also found raising my legs up helps I think ,myself , that the bones in lower back then have more room to release the nerves , don't know if this is so but maybe .I,m fortunate to have an adjustable bed so it's easy for me to do this.


@donfeld My feet hurt all of the time, but the pain jumps several notches up when I lie down or put my feet up in the recliner, to 8 or even higher.

Two or three things help. John mentioned a blanket lifter, which stops the pain from touching the sheets. That helps the pain from above but my feet still hurt from resting on the bed or a pillow.

#2 When my feet hurt more than usual I take a second morphine, which kicks in after an hour or so. One particularly bad night I also added more imipramine, which I take regularly at night. #3 Lidocaine cream or Uber Numb ($16 on Amazon) numbs my feet for a couple of hours, long enough to get to sleep.

For a while it helped to wear socks in bed, but no longer. I always wear socks in the daytime and shoes or open toe sandals. Never barefoot.

I've tried soaking them in hot water with Epsom salt in a little tub that moves the water around. That just makes my feet hurt more. My siblings use CBD oil. (cream) and drops of CBD under their tongue. It's too much money for my budget - what they use is $90 for a small pot of cream or a little bottle of liquid with an eye dropper. I could get a medical marijuana card, but that's a huge cost, with annual cards from a prescriber and the state, plus the cost of the product. If I do that, my PCP would stop my morphine and Clonazepam.

Not much is free.

@artscaping knows a lot about the marijuana and CBD. Chris might offer some suggestions.



@donfeld Hi Don. I'm sorry to hear of your problematic and painful feet. Thanks @johnbishop for including me in the conversation. I feel that I'm separated from the traditional foot neuropathy group as my neuropathy is wide spread without central location at this point. Last year I had ample trouble with my feet but, they've settled, except for discomfort while wearing snug footwear or becoming frozen and turning purple. Also, occasional jolting toe joint pain.

During my time last year with my feet...Epsom cool water soaks, slides or fleece lined slippers (1 size larger)
and elevation. When my feet were swelling, turning bright red and felt on fire internally as well as sunburned air, fans and nothing touching them.

I took and still take hydrocodone (Norco) for pain and use medical marijuana as back up when hydro doesn't cut it. I agree with @jimhd that MM is too expensive! I could not afford the tiny tubs of topicals nor, was it going to cover my whole body of painful sites. The oil under tongue has been helpful and at times I use it frequently but otherwise sparingly because hydro is much cheaper for my budget.

Ironically, I just got of the phone with my Dad who has diabetic foot neuropathy. His Dr recently gave him muscle relaxers for his painful feet. He says they help him fall asleep and quiet the pain. His feelings are that his skin is being ripped apart and as though sandpaper is being rubbed across his feet. They get red, shiney and swollen. My Dad does not control his eating habits well and pays the price as a result.

I wonder if you take helpful supplements for neuropathy, eat a proper diet or perhaps utilize myofacial release therapy?

This is tough stuff, this neuropathy. I wish you well and to find better comfort. Best of luck sir.


Everyone has to find their own treatment for neuropathy, I think. I tried everything I could think of short of surgery. Lyrical did not work, nor another bunch of supposed pain killers. Gabapentin. Even some MJ, tramadol, skin puncture, bananas, etc. Finally I read about turmeric. I put about a 1/4 teaspoon of kitchen turmeric in a glass of warm water, drink it easily, and sleep through the night. I only need to use it once or twice per month. If I miss too long, the neuropathy starts again in my feet and hands.


@donfeld, good afternoon, thanks for presenting this discussion of nighttime pain from neuropathy. My goal is to sleep through the early morning pain and the itching. in addition to my evening tincture of 1:3 CBD/THC.....I add a 2:1 CBD/THC dropper just as I go to bed and I call it my morning insurance policy. I am also now taking Doxepin at bedtime to prevent the itching that has me in a stranglehold these days. I am sure things will change and I will have to adjust.

I just don't like this neuropathy stuff to get a head start on me when it changes direction. I refer to it as my friend "NP" and try to not let this friend get the upper hand.

May you be free of suffering.


I find that a couple big puffs of smoke from a little pipe it's an instant result. It seems to immediately reduce the tingly and just call me down so I can tolerate it and it also makes me very sleepy. Hallelujah. Thank you God for making this medication that's so natural without any side effects. Smoking the stuff for 40 years going strong as it solves all my stomach pain and other issue problems. Had cancer and is great with chemo!


I would like to discuss this with people who have it


I would like to discuss this with people who have it

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This is very painful and has just recently been added to the pain in my feet and hands

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