Nicotine/smoking and aggressive prostate cancer

Posted by griff1492 @griff1492, Sep 18, 2022

In looking for any correlation between prostate cancer and nicotine or tobacco use, I was surprised by an article published in 2018 by Harvard Medical School summarizing an Austrian study:
In summary: After roughly six years of follow-up, the data told a clear story: prostate cancer patients who smoked were nearly twice as likely to die of their disease (89% higher risk) than nonsmokers. In addition, the risk that their cancers would spread was 151% higher, and there was a 40% higher risk that their prostate-specific antigen levels would rise again after surgery, signaling the cancer’s return.

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Interesting. Thank-you. Just a bad habit overall.


@griff1492, I know from a previous post you made that fitness is important to you and a part of your life. I'm curious to know what your interest is in the correlation between smoking and prostate cancer. Are you or were you a smoker?


I was formerly a smokeless tobacco user, thinking it was relatively harmless. Now I'm wondering what role it has played in my stage 4 prostate cancer.

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