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Newly diagnosed with osteoporosis

Posted by @beachgirl333, Apr 3, 2012

Would love to hear from others on what they have found to be the best calcium/magnesium supplements for this condition.



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Posted by @powerofpositive, Apr 13, 2012

Food sources ar the very best way to obtain what you need. Think, dairy, almonds, kale etc. Nature knows best ,usually the simp list solutions are usually the best solutions. Weight bearing exercise can alo help.


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Posted by @glendamartin777, May 1, 2012

You look so young! I’m 50 and have osteopena….but I take 2 nexiums per day and am petite so I think that has a lot to do with it…do weight bearing exercises, walk, drink water, I take only 1 viactive calcium chew per day, should take 2.

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