Newly Diagnosed and Trying to Process

Posted by Mica @micakath, Aug 27, 2017

Hi all,

My name is Mica — I’m 30, originally from California but have been working overseas for the last eight years. Just a couple weeks ago, I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy (simple partial seizures) after having suffered from symptoms (most commonly brief episodes of deja vu, extreme fear, and loss of place) for the last three years (doctors previously attributed it to depression/anxiety).

While I am incredibly thankful to finally have some answers and have a name to put to all of this, I also just feel overwhelmed with the new diagnosis and what it all means. I am a teacher, and the stigma of “epilepsy” has already brought up questions of my abilities and capabilities of working with children. I would love to connect with others who were diagnosed later in life, or any educators out there who have found a way to appease others in the workplace.

Thank you!

Yes I seem to be finding my triggers but I’m not sure as to what is causing it. Also the nerve damage the doctor said is affiliated with me being pre diabetic which I have been for couple of years now. So when I did the EMG nerve test the other day the doctor said that both legs have nerve damage.

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