New Mayo Patient Questions/Feedback

Posted by Mystery Patient @mysterypatient, Apr 19, 2012

I am looking to seek medical help at the Mayo Clinic for a variety of health problems that I have been battling for many years. I would like feedback on which Clinic is the best? The Mayo is top of the line from my knowledge so I’m assuming they are all good. I’m considering going to Arizona since it would be a little “closer” for me for travel. I didn’t realize there were 2 facilitys in Arizona so I don’t know which one to choose but was also told they will tell you in scheduling which campus you are going to? I’m looking for any and all advice anyone can share about their trip to the Mayo Clinic. Medical experience, loding- staying on or off campus, flying, ect. Thanks in advance for your help!

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I have only visited Mayo in Rochester. There is information on that website within the Mayo Clinic Website about hotels and airlines that offer discounts and/or special terms to Mayo Patients. For example, Delta allowed me to cancel my flight when my appointment last week changed the afternoon of the flight with no penalty and a full refund. Delta also allows you to make changes to the return day of your flight at the last minute without charging you an additional rate even if rates have gone up since you booked. I believe American has some sort of special also. I would recommend calling the hotels and airlines directly before checking travel websites and asking if they have any kind of special accommodations or programs for Mayo Clinic patients. I also googled and found some user blog sites where current patients had posted information about traveling to Mayo. All of this dealt with Rochester, hopefully some of the tips can help with your experience in Arizona. Good luck.


Yes. When they scheduled me after my doctor called mayo to refer me there, they then called me and told me where I will be. I hope this helps. Diane


Once you have you appointment itinerary, there will be links for travel, lodging etc. The Mayo also provides shuttles between their campus.

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