[NEW] Introducing Badges on Connect

We’ve introduced Goals & Badges on Mayo Clinic Connect.


Why are badges helpful?
Badges help you easily recognize trusted members based on their activity in the community and help you build your circle of supporters. Here’s a quick cheat sheet of what the roles and badges mean.

There are 2 designated user roles:
Moderator badgeModerator: Moderators are Mayo Clinic staff who connect people with others like them. We monitor the community, making sure it remains a welcoming, safe and supportive space. Meet the moderating team.



Mentor badgeMentor: Volunteer Mentors are active, trusted members who have first-hand experience with a health condition(s). Mentors are your peers. Learn more about volunteer mentors and how you can become a mentor.


Then there are badges that you can earn through your activity on Connect. You can earn bronze, silver and gold levels of these badges.

Writer iconWriter: Awarded for the number of posts you’ve written. Writers are highly engaged members who ask questions and give support and information

Helper iconHelper: Awarded for the number of likes received. Helpers write quality posts. Sometimes helpers write a lot or maybe a little, but this badge lets you know, what they write is good.

Appreciator iconAppreciator: Awarded for the number of likes given. Appreciators are reading your posts and like what you’ve written. Keep it up.

Anniversary iconAnniversary: See who’s new and who’s been around for while. Don’t see an anniversary badge? Then that’s a member who might need a welcome.

Autobiographer iconAutobiographer: Awarded for completing your profile. Profiles help you get to know your fellow members. Complete Your Profile and get this badge today!

Member summaryBeside each message or reply someone posts, you get a snapshot of that member: their name (optional), @username, how many posts they’ve written, when they joined and what badges they’ve earned. Click their @username to see their full profile.


See the badges you’ve earned so far in your profile Goals & Badges.

As a Mayo Clinic Champion, you can earn more badges. Learn about Champions.

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